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EventLive - Live Stream Events

Mark Sergienko
Android Version Icon11+
Android Version
3.1.7(20-09-2023)This is the latest version
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Description of EventLive - Live Stream Events

EventLive app lets you broadcast your private event to remote guests who can access it via a private link. You can invite the guests through the app or simply send them a link to attend the event.

Main features:

- Private, customizable event link

- No account or app needed to watch your virtual event

- Automatic reminders for your guests

- Download a copy of your live stream

- Watch a replay, available for 365 days

- Virtual Guestbook included

- 5-minute set up

- Works on every device

Now all your loved ones can enjoy your big day, even if they can’t be there!

Are flights a little too expensive? Do your friends have to work? Are some family members too old to travel? With EventLive, everyone you care about can see your wedding live stream in stunning HD. It also works for other types of events, such as graduations, funerals, and theatre plays.

Choose who you share your big moment with:

Unlike social media platforms, you can choose exactly who sees your private live stream by sending them a simple private link via text, email, or carrier pigeon, the choice is yours!

No account or app needed to watch:

We get it, not everyone is tech-savvy. Your virtual guests don’t need to download our app or create an account, one click on the private link and they have instant access to your live event. Friends and family can watch on their phone, tablet or computer, wherever they are in the world.

Automatic reminders ensure all eyes will be on you:

Spending hours organizing and reminding people to tune in to your webcast on the morning of the most important day of your life is a huge no. Let us do the leg work for you! We will send out automatic email reminders one day, 1 hour and 15 minutes before you say “I do”, so your loved ones won’t miss a single second.

Enjoy your video for years to come:

Bad signal? Different time zones? No wedding videographer? No problem! While you are LIVE, your phone is also filming everything in glorious HD. So, the moment you stop the live stream, a top-quality video will automatically save to your phone and our server, so you can watch it, share it and post it over and over again.

Quick setup so you can get back to wedding planning:

We’ve made creating and sharing your live stream link as easy as 1, 2, 3. Set up everything in advance, so you don’t have to think about anything but your vows on your big day.

Testing how live streaming works is free.

- Private Link

- Share Link before you go LIVE

- Try EventLive at your venue

- 10-minute limit

Special Events Include:

- Unlimited viewers

- Unlimited views

- Unlimited automated reminders

- Guestbook

- Livestream video is saved online for 1 year

- High-resolution streaming

- All-day live streaming

- Setup and share the link in advance

- No advertisements

Perfect for

- weddings,

- elopements,

- vow renewals,

- anniversaries,

- funerals,

- memorial services,

- seminars,

- sports events,

- other special events.

Live stream your event privately, rather than on social networks. Broadcasting your event has never been so easy!

EventLive - Live Stream Events - Version 3.1.7

Other versions
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Good App GuaranteedThis app passed the security test for virus, malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't contain any threats.

EventLive - Live Stream Events - APK Information

APK Version: 3.1.7Package: pro.eventlive
Android compatability: 11+ (Android11)
Developer:Mark SergienkoPrivacy Policy:https://www.privacypolicies.com/privacy/view/2db494ffab28ddf23255164573accb4fPermissions:27
Name: EventLive - Live Stream EventsSize: 30 MBDownloads: 1Version : 3.1.7Release Date: 2023-09-20 04:16:25Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU:
Package ID: pro.eventliveSHA1 Signature: 35:58:3C:BA:04:31:88:58:FF:B6:C5:E4:83:87:11:DC:52:8F:D7:12Developer (CN): AndroidOrganization (O): Google Inc.Local (L): Mountain ViewCountry (C): USState/City (ST): California

Latest Version of EventLive - Live Stream Events

3.1.7Trust Icon Versions
1 downloads12 MB Size

Other versions

3.1.4Trust Icon Versions
1 downloads12 MB Size
2.18.1Trust Icon Versions
1 downloads14 MB Size
2.10.3Trust Icon Versions
1 downloads14.5 MB Size
2.2Trust Icon Versions
1 downloads9.5 MB Size
2.1.4Trust Icon Versions
1 downloads9.5 MB Size
2.1.3Trust Icon Versions
1 downloads9.5 MB Size
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